Help for Ukraine

The attack on Ukraine has had an impact on the safety and supply of zoos there, as well as on animal welfare and species protection initiatives. Your donations will enable us to provide rapid support and send urgently needed supplies to Ukraine. Your help is crucial - every single penny will benefit the animals and the staff there.

Latest news

  • Aid supplies arrived in Ukraine

    09.02.2024 - On Monday, two trucks carrying over 25 tons of dry food and a mobile X-ray machine left the zoo grounds for Kiev and have now arrived undamaged. Read more 

  • Together strong for Kiev

    05.02.2024 - Zoo and Tierpark Berlin supply food and equipment for zoo in war zone. More info 

  • Interview with Ivan Tymofeiev

    11.12.2023 - We spoke to Ivan Tymofeiev, NABU project manager and deputy team leader of the Central Asia and Eastern Europe program, who coordinates nature conservation measures in Ukraine. Read the interview 

    Strong Together in Uncertain Times

    In times of global uncertainty and crises, the importance of solidarity and mutual support is increasing. In close cooperation with NABU, Zoo Berlin, and Tierpark Berlin, we support projects that continue their important work despite the adverse circumstances of the war.

    Rehabilitation center for brown bears

    In cooperation with NABU, we support the rehabilitation center for brown bears in Ukraine's Synevyr National Park. The center not only plays a key role in the care and reintegration of orphaned or injured brown bears into their natural environment but also focuses on environmental education measures. Our activities have benefited over 5,800 children, including many from vulnerable refugee families. In special workshops, they had the opportunity to escape everyday life, build birdhouses, observe animals, and listen to fairy tales.


    Nature reserve Elanetskyi

    Thanks to generous donations, we are able to support an important nature conservation project in Ukraine in collaboration with the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds and NABU. The war had destroyed the fence of the 70-hectare Elanetskyi Steppe nature reserve. Together, we repaired it, involving the local staff simultaneously. This area is home to the bison, a key species in the ecosystem that plays a crucial role in maintaining the natural balance.


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    • Preview

      A moving review

      On March 9, 2022, our first transporter set off for Kyiv with almost 20,000 kg of feed, followed by six more large deliveries throughout the year.

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      Only with your support can we sustain these projects. Every contribution aids in the protection of animals and nature.



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