Day tickets

You will find our day ticket offers for the Zoo as well as Combi-Tickets for the Zoo and Aquarium Berlin.


Zoo Zoo & Aquarium
Adults 14,50 € 20,00 €
4 up to 15 years
7,50 € 10,00 €
Small Families
(1 adult and his or her children up to 15 years)
25,00 € 33,00 €
Large Families
(2 adults and their children up to 15 years)
39,00 € 50,00 €
Students, apprentices, ALG I+II recipients, the severely disabled and their accompa-niment, accompaniment if explicitly required on the disabled visitor’s ID
10,00 € 15,00 €

Don't fancy long waits at the ticket office?

You can buy your ticket for the Zoo at any of our ticket offices. Our tip: Tickets can be bought easily in advance for those wanting to avoid waiting times: