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From A for anteater to Z for zebra – you can explore the fascinating world of animals in the buzzing heart of the city of Berlin.

Bright pink flamingos strut next to giant elephants under centuries-old oaks. A few steps away, the pandas take a nap and giraffes pluck fresh leaves from the branch. In addition to unusual exotic species such as the kiwis and axolotls, Zoo Berlin is home to many threatened species and rare domestic animal breeds.

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The fascinating animals attract numerous visitors every year, the Zoo Berlin counts as one of the most visited zoos worldwide.
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From the gigantic elephant to the charming meercat, there is a unique diversity of species to discover – the Zoo Berlin is considered as most species-rich in the world.

The Zoo Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany.

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    Creativity is the key

    In order to get to their favorite food, the zoo residents sometimes have to use their paws, hands, claws, fins, noses, tongues or trunks to overcome small hurdles. Chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans have developed their very own technique to get to the delicacies.

    What`s for breakfast for the gorilla and how many kilograms of fresh leaves do you have to order for a bull elephant? An individual menu is put together for each animal at Zoo Berlin. With around 20.000 animals, there are considerable amounts of carrots, hay and tomatoes on the shopping list.

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    Thanks to full board, the best medical care and the absence of predators, animals in the zoo grow significantly older than in their natural habitat. The oldest zoo resident is probably Gorilla Fatou. She is 66 years old.

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    0 kilograms of apples

    This fruity amount is fed to monkeys, elephants and Co. every year.

    0 kilograms of bamboo

    A giant panda needs a considerable amount of bamboo every day.

    The coldest place in town

    In the penguin world, it snows year round – much to the delight of the resident king and rockhopper penguins. For them, a water temperature of no more than eight degrees Celsius is perfect for a swim!

    Strong family

    Zoo Berlin is home to Germany’s only giant pandas. In summer of 2019, panda lady Meng Meng gave birth to the twins Pit and Paule.

    Gigantic dancers

    Panoramic glass panes allow you to observe these African heavyweights up close as they perform their fascinating underwater ballet.

    Experts estimate that there are anywhere between five and 80 million animal species on our planet – and we only know about one million of them. Bigger, faster, taller –as well as mysterious secrets, the animal kingdom contains countless record-breakers.

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    Giraffes can reach dizzying heights.

    0 decibels

    The roar of a lion corresponds to the volume of a chainsaw.

    tonnes weighs elephant bull Victor. This makes him the heaviest inhabitant of the zoo.

    0 km/h

    Ostriches can't fly, but they are damn fast on the ground.

    0 m

    The Amur tiger is considered to be the largest cat on earth.

    White beauty

    Have you ever looked into the mesmerizing eyes of an owl? The body of the snowy owl, which weighs up to 2 ½ kg, becomes almost completely white with age. Females and younger birds, on the other hand, have dark spots and ribbons or transverse lines on their white plumage.

    Empire of insects

    In the aquarium, you can not only find exotic fish and corals and hundreds of impressive reptiles, amphibians. Countless insects also live on the top floor.

    Everyone loves kiwis!

    Kiwis are mostly out and about at night, but their vision is quite poor. But they can "sniff" their way and are therefore unique in the bird world. In contrast to many other birds, Kiwis build small caves for the offspring instead of nests.

    Our planet’s fascinating animal kingdom is in danger: over the coming decades, around one million species could be wiped off the face of our planet forever. But it’s not too late! With the right measures, we can ensure that many of these species are protected over the long term.

    Zoo and Tierpark Berlin support behavioural research into polar bears in the Arctic, with a view to establishing protected habitat areas.

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    0 partner projects

    The Zoo and Tierpark support numerous innovative species conservation projects – from right here on our doorstep to far-flung locations like Madagascar.

    Our project partners

    0 international studbooks

    The populations of threatened animal species in zoos are recorded and coordinated worldwide. The studbooks of, Amur Leopard, Vietnamese Pheasant and Siberian Tiger are, among others, managed from Berlin.

    Endangered animal species need our help. The Zoo Berlin supports interlinking of protected areas for Giant Pandas in China.

    The Vietnamese pheasant is believed to be extinct in his natural habitat. Zoo and Tierpark Berlin have initiated a project to protect the habitat and reintroduce the rare bird. With a modern breeding center in Vietnam, the course has been set for the future.

    Species conservation every day

    Zoo and Tierpark Berlin not only strive to get people from all over the world excited about nature and to raise awareness of the need to protect it – we also want to make our own sustainable contribution to species conservation. With the help of our supporters, we fund innovative projects around the globe that are working to protect endangered species. Species conservation starts at home, and every individual can make an important contribution to saving wildlife.

    0 bearded vultures

    Bearded vultures that hatched in Zoo and Tierpark Berlin have been successfully released into the wild in the Alps, Andalusia and the Cévennes.

    0 percent

    The world’s giraffe population has drastically declined over the past 30 years. Zoo and Tierpark Berlin are supporting a species conservation project to save giraffes in Tanzania.

    In cooperation with our partners, we successfully released Berlin-born European bison into the wild in the Caucasus.

    Plenty going on

    Zoo Berlin is home to more species of animal than any other zoo in the world. We need your support to help take care of all our creatures great and small. Thanks to your commitment, we are able to provide our animals with a high-quality, healthy diet.

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    The Zoo Berlin foundation promotes concrete measures for the welfare of animals in the zoo and supports Zoo Berlin financially in the implementation of species protection in the wild.

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