World of Birds

Macaws, kiwis, mynas – they all flock together in the World of Birds. A tour of the various aviaries and the neighbouring Pheasantry reveals the planet’s fascinating variety of feathered friends.

Match birds with their beaks on the beak wheel, study flight route maps, and pay our famous nocturnal kiwis a visit in their dark and quiet sanctuary: on a journey through different continents, you will learn loads of fascinating facts about birds from Europe and overseas. At interactive learning stations, the functions of the feathers and beaks of various species are explained and you can gain insight into bird anatomy. The bird migration display reveals the secrets behind incredible long-distance flights, and the build-a-bird kit invites you to get creative and invent completely new species. The highlight of the World of Birds is its two free-flight halls, where you get to fully immerse yourself in the natural habitat of some of these remarkable creatures.




Songbirds and parrots create a living sea of colours, gliding and flitting from tree to tree in vibrant turquoise, bright blue, sunny yellow and dramatic red. Here, birds of every conceivable shape and colour congregate under one roof, dazzling visitors with their unusual calls and beautiful song.

The animal residents here include:

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Today, 21. July
9:00 - 18:30
Last admission: 17:00
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  • Chimpanzees 13:30
  • Orangutans/Bonobos 13:30
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