Hyacinth Macaw

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

A true blue star of the Zoo

This is the largest parrot in the world measuring up to one metre in length. It is extremely endangered due to illegal hunting and the destruction and settling of its habitat by humans. In zoos they can reach up to 90 years of age.


  • Origin

    South America

  • Habitat

    tropical rainforest

  • Diet

    Nuts, fruits, seeds

  • Status


Threat Categories of IUCN

At home in the tropics

Hyacinth macaw numbers plummeted during the 1980s, and an estimated 10,000 of the birds have been caught illegally and were sold as pets. The parrots are also hunted for their feathers and their meat. The ongoing destruction of the South American rainforests is another reason for the decline in numbers as it robs the macaws of their home. In recent years, deforestation has intensified in Brazil: between August 2015 and July 2016 alone, 8,000 km² of primeval forest was destroyed – that is an area ten times the size of Berlin. Zoo Berlin is helping to protect hyacinth macaws in Bolivia.

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