Our furry, scaly and feathered inhabitants have a big appetite. Help Zoo Berlin keep its otters, gorillas, etc. well fed.

A cosy winter for giraffes and hippos

Despite thick fur or dense feathers, most animals in the zoo need a warming heater in winter. We do everything we can to prevent cold ears in giraffes, hippos and other animals during this challenging time.

Any donation for our animals is very much appreciated.

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A considerable amount is spent on a healthy, balanced diet for the animals each year.
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0 kg carrots per day

Rhinos, monkeys and all the other animals togehter consume quite a few kilograms of carrots on a day.

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    You can basically be a sponsor of any animal, since animals can have several sponsors except for our 'big ones', such as gorillas, rhinos, elephants & Co. Be inspired here.

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    We support innovative species conservation projects from Brandenburg to Madagascar.

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    Support our donation projects

    • Afforestation of the lion savannah

      Although lions are not typically known for spending much time in trees, natural stems and plantings of all kinds are more than mere decorative elements within the lion enclosure at the Zoo Berlin. Our animal keepers are planning an even more lush planting of the savannah landscape with large, shady trees. A sum of 16,800 euros is needed to ensure that these trees are not just temporary enrichment for the animals, but remain as long-lasting, stable features to their home. It would be great if we could make the further planting of the facility possible with your help.

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    • Fun for the bears

      The curators and keepers would like to provide the bears with new wooden climbing structures and more toys to keep the panda family busy. The climbing ropes, balls and other toys, which the other big bears will also enjoy, will provide the animals with even more variety and further increase their dexterity. Zoo Berlin and the panda bears are looking forward to any support in the realisation of this project.

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    • A monument to species conservation

      On an area of around 14,000 m², a new rhino house is being built that will show Indian rhinoceroses, tapirs and Visayan warty pigs in their natural co-housing and brings visitors closer to an entire ecosystem. The reddish tower of the compound’s centre stands as an exotic monument for species conservation. Help us to realise this project together.

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    • Our new Predator House

      A pride of lions doze in a sandy hollow on the savannah, tigers skulk in the undergrowth, and leopards perch on lofty branches. We are carrying out extensive renovations to our Predator House. Cages are being replaced with habitats that recall the animals’ homes in the wild, giving visitors a whole new experience of our big cats. We are looking for donations to support this ambitious project.

    • Improving the elephants' sleeping quarters

      Even though bull elephant Victor spends many a warm summer evening outside, stretched out in the outdoor area, he sleeps in the elephant house during the nights. The zookeepers now want to equip the elephants' sleeping quarters with a new floor and a better ventilation system. Zoo Berlin and the elephants appreciate any support for the realisation of this project.

    • An island refuge for bees

      The small island between the World of Birds and the Hippo House is to be turned into a paradise for bees. We would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make so that we can acquire everything we need for this project, such as boxes, frames and honey extractors.

    • More fun for agile climbers

      Ring-tailed vontsiras and Malagasy narrow-striped mongooses share a common passion: they love to climb. To give them even more options for activity, we are installing vines, climbing nets and ropes so the animals can exercise, demonstrate their dexterity and impress visitors.

    • Monkey business – simply hanging around

      Whether on your own, with a loved one, or in a big group, hanging swings aren’t just great fun for humans – our closest animal relatives love them too! Thanks to your support, we were able to install swinging nets for our apes. They use them to relax, climb, doze, cuddle, or to hang upside down from.

    • Puzzle feeders for the apes

      To entertain our intelligent apes and keep their minds busy, we purchased puzzle feeders that train their dexterity and problem-solving abilities. Inside the feeders are the apes’ favourite treats. It is their task to use a stick as a tool to reach the tasty titbits. Thanks to your donations, we were able to purchase additional puzzle feeders to keep our apes busy and happy.

    • A refreshing shower for our macaws

      The parrots in the World of Birds love their daily showers. Thanks to your generous support, we are able to provide more than 40 of our feathered friends with a refreshing shower twice a day – just like they would get in the South American rainforest!

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