Hippo Bay

Discover a watery African landscape set beneath a huge glass roof. Along the river banks, hippopotamuses doze peacefully in the sunlight. With a little patience, you will also be able to watch the hippos on their weightless underwater walks.

Panoramic glass panes approximately eight centimetres thick allow you to observe these African heavyweights up close as they perform their fascinating underwater ballet. Some five million litres of water are filtered here over 24 hours. The 1,000 m² glass roof is made up of more than 800 individual panes and was the largest self-supporting double dome in Europe when it opened in 1997.

The animal residents here include:

Opening hours

Today, 28. November
9:00 - 16:30
Last admission: 15:30
Opening hours

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  • Panda talk 11:00
  • Chimpanzees 13:30
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