Pygmy Hippopotamus

Pygmy Hippotamus; Choeropsis liberiensis

Unknown miniatures

Pygmy elephants were unknown to science until the 19ᵗʰ century, they are shy solitary animals compared to their larger relatives and only grow to a maximum of 1.60 m and weigh less than 300 kg?


  • Origin

    West Africa, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone

  • Habitat

    rainforests, by rivers and lakes

  • Diet

    Aquatic plants, leaves, shoots, fruit, grass, herbs

  • Status

    Highly endangered, less than 3,000 animals according to estimates

  • Size

    approx. 1.60 long

  • Weight

    180 - 270 kg

  • Gestation period

    6 to 7 months

  • Achievable age

    up to 42 years in the wild, up to 55 years in human care

Threat Categories of IUCN

Excellent 'Swimming Aid'

Pygmy hippopotamuses can't swim, but even so they have webbed feet! They prevent them from sinking into the mud when these colossi push themselves off from the river or lake bed.

Impressive Teeth

Astonishing: A hippo's teeth grow back all throughout their lives and effectively sharpen themselves. The animals primarily use their large canine tusks for self-defense. They hardly need them to eat. As herbivores they tear off their food with their lips and just chew it up languidly with their molars.

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