The romantic heart of the Zoo

Historical charm awaits you at the romantic heart of Zoo Berlin. The picturesque centre of the approximately 33-hectare park gives visitors an impression of what Zoo Berlin looked like some 100 years ago. The habitats in this fairytale-like area are home to cattle, pigs, deer, zebras and antelopes. Despite its central location between the Panda Garden, the seals and the Predator House, here there are still quiet corners and hidden resting places where you can watch the shy ungulates up close.

Here, memories of times gone by are brought to life in a variety of ways. Unlike in more recently established zoos, where animals are likely to be grouped according to their natural habitats, the first zoological gardens were arranged according to taxonomic criteria. So here you will find American and European bison in the immediate vicinity of other domestic and wild cattle, and you can compare the delicate stripe patterns of the Grévy’s zebras with those of the Grant’s zebras right next door.

The animal residents here include:

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Today, 28. November
9:00 - 16:30
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  • Panda talk 11:00
  • Chimpanzees 13:30
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