Eagle Canyon


On a visit to Eagle Canyon, you are greeted at the entrance by the canyon’s namesake – the majestic golden eagle. You then enter an impressive walk-through free-flight aviary, following a valley path that meanders between rocky cliffs and allows you to observe African birds of prey such as hooded and Egyptian vultures up close. This amazing experience is still a rarity in zoos around the world. Passing a splashing waterfall, the path then rounds a bend to enter the dense owl forest.


With a bit of luck, you might see one of these usually nocturnal birds gliding silently between the trees. In this 800 m² free-flight aviary, snowy owls and great grey owls live together in a boreal forest resembling those found in Scandinavia. Next door, daredevil ibexes and takins climb nonchalantly across steep cliffs. As they watch over the zoo from lofty heights, nimble marmots dart about down below, completing the mountain scene.

The animal residents here include:

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