Golden Eagle

Aquila chrysaetos

Aerial aptitude

Golden eagles are skilled aerial acrobats, able to perform seemingly effortless mid-flight manoeuvres at top speed – such as rolling onto their backs to catch birds. Golden eagles soar with their wings raised in a V-shape, making them easy to recognise from down below.


  • Origin

    Various subspecies are widespread in the mountains of North America, Europe, Asia and northern Africa.

  • Habitat

    in mountains

  • Diet

    Golden eagles eat mammals and birds.

  • Status

    least concern

  • Size

    66 to 100 cm

  • Weight

    Female: 3 to 7 kg
    Male: 3.6 kg

  • Breeding period

    42 to 45 days

  • Achievable age

    approx. 35 years

Threat Categories of IUCN

Eagle-sized portions

Golden eagles can take down prey twice their weight. However, they don’t have the strength to transport the carcass whole. They therefore divide up their prey, deposit the portions in a safe place, and feed of Golden eagle descending on its prey this secret stash for several days.


Did you know that ...

...golden eagles live in pairs, each of which has its own territory,
...they spend their whole life with the same partner,
...and their powerful talons allow them to easily take down prey that weighs up to 15 kilos?

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