Activities for adults

    Animal encounters

    Are you in love with serene hippos, mighty elephants or adorable meerkats? How would you like to have a close encounter with your favourite animal at Zoo Berlin? Zoo staff will introduce you personally and share their expert knowledge – as well as one or two amusing anecdotes.



    Embark on a special tour of discovery through Zoo Berlin with one of our experienced guides. Get ready to learn fascinating animal facts and gain exclusive insight into daily life at the Zoo – complete with the odd surprise or two!

    • Berlin celebrities

      Known and loved the world over – this tour is dedicated to zoo stars like elephants, pandas and sea lions. Get to know some of Berlin’s animal celebrities and gain exciting insight into daily life at the Zoo.

    • Black ‘n’ white

      Black and white has always been en vogue – especially since the arrival of Zoo Berlin’s giant pandas. Pay a visit to the adorable bamboo-loving bears and learn just how diverse the world of black-and-white animals really is.

    • On safari

      The Zoo Safari allows you to discover the amazing world of African animals such as giraffes, zebras and cheetahs. How have these animals evolved to adapt to their natural habitat, and how do they survive in the wild?

    • Macho man?

      Think it’s always the men that call the shots in the animal world? Think again! Learn the truth about gender roles in the animal kingdom and how everything ultimately revolves around reproduction.

    • Wild South America

      Colourful parrots, cute monkeys, mysterious tapirs – which of the Zoo’s inhabitants hail from South America? Embark on a journey of discovery through the wild world of South America.

    • Saving our planet

      More and more species are threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Zoo Berlin is working actively to stop that happening. Go on a species conservation expedition and learn more about the important work being carried out by modern zoos.

    • The oldest zoo in Germany!

      Take a journey back in time and learn about the over 175-year history of Zoo Berlin, which is Germany’s oldest zoo. Take a closer look at the historical architecture found throughout the Zoo and discover how it is constantly developing to offer more modern, species-appropriate habitats for its animals.

    • Animals of Asia

      The animal kingdom of Asia is incredibly diverse, with habitats ranging from the tropical jungles of India to the icy tundra of Siberia. But who else lives in the realm of giant pandas and Asian elephants? This tour of discovery teaches you more about the Zoo’s Asian inhabitants.

    • Animals in myth and religion

      From the Hindu deity Ganesh to the South American legend of how the tapir came about and the many animals of the Bible – embark on a tour through the realm of animal gods and mythical beasts and gain exciting insight into animal symbolism in different faiths.

      All at a glance!

      • No. of participants

        Max. 20 Persons

      • Language

        German or English;
        other languages can sometimes be arranged upon request

      • Duration

        approx. 90 min.

      • Price

        with exclusive look behind the scenes:      €150 (plus admission)

        without exclusive look behind the scenes: €120 (plus admission)

      • Booking

        To ensure you can reserve your preferred date and time, please send a booking request at least 14 days in advance or even earlier for weekend bookings.

      Evening tours

      An evening stroll around Zoo Berlin after the gates have closed to regular visitors is a wonderful way to end the day. Which animals get active at dusk, and who is allowed to sleep outside? On one of our guided evening tours you will learn the answers to these questions as well as many more animal secrets.



      All at a glance!

      • After-hours tours

        For individual and spontaneous visitors

      • Dates
        • 09 June - 19:00 
        • 23. June - 19:00
        • 07. July - 19:00
        • 21 July - 19:00
        • 04 August - 19:00
        • 18 August - 18:30
        • 01 September - 18:30
        • 15. September - 18:00
      • Duration

        approx. 90 min.

      • Meeting point

        Löwentor entrance

      • Language

        only in German

      • Price

        €21,50 per person (incl. admission + conservation contribution)

        These tours are primarily intended for adults. Children may take part, but there is no separate price for children.

      • Booking

        Tickets are strictly limited and available online.

        Book Tickets now

        Please note that tours begin punctually, whatever the weather!

      • Exclusive after-hours tours

        A special shared experience for groups

      • Price

        €220 per group plus half-price admission for each participant

      • Time, etc.

        The starting time of the tour will depend on when the sun sets; everything else can be decided according to your individual requirements.

      • Booking

        Exclusive evening tours can be booked from April to mid-September.

        To ensure you can reserve your preferred date and time, please send a booking request at least 14 days in advance or even earlier for weekend bookings.

      • Are you interested in booking?

      Photography workshop

      During the summer months, photography workshops are regular at Zoo Berlin. Naturally, the focus of these workshops is animal photography. After a theory session, which teaches about various camera settings and techniques, participants can immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge at the Zoo.

      For upcoming dates, further information and booking details, visit:

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