Giant Panda

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

A two-room apartment?

Because pandas are solitary animals, the two bears here at the zoo each have their own private space. Pandas are also homebodies. Although their territory can cover up to 6 km, in order to save energy they don’t actually move around much. Some days they walk a few hundred metres, but they usually spend their time sleeping, snoozing or eating. By the way, because bamboo grows year round, pandas do not need to hibernate.

Family planning

A panda hoping to become a mother has to pay close attention to her cycle, as females are only fertile for around 72 hours each spring. That means many of them only fall pregnant every two or three years. The gestation period is four months, after which up to three babies are born. Usually only one cub survives.


  • Origin


  • Habitat

    Subtropical upland

  • Diet


  • Status

    vulnerable, 2,000 wild pandas

  • Size

    60 - 90 cm

  • Weight

    up to 125 kg

  • Gestation time

    95 to 160 days

  • Achievable age

    up to 20 years in the wild, up to 30 years in human care

Threat Categories of IUCN

Cute lightweight

Most adult female pandas weigh around 70 and 100 kilo - so about the same as a human. Newborn pandas weigh just 100 to 150 grams. That's as much as a large bar of chocolate.

Perfectly adapted

Pandas have a sort of extra thumb – a modified sesamoid bone – that allows them to grip bamboo shoots. An ordinary bear’s paw just wouldn’t be up to the job.


Bamboo with a side of bamboo. The grass makes up 99% of pandas’ diets and they eat up to 30 kg of it each day.


Do pandas hibernate?

Most bears eat a lot in the autumn so they have plenty of fat reserves for their big wintersleep. But not pandas! Their staple food - bamboo - gives them such little energy tat they have to keep eating all year round.

Marking territory

Like many animals, pandas mark their territory with scents in their urine. The larger an animal is, the higher the urine mark is set. To get as high as possible, the giant panda marks in a "handstand".

Did you know that...

...male giant pandas weigh as much as 125 kg.

...pandas were not discovered until the middle of the 19th century.

...there are estimated to be no more than 2,000 pandas living in the wild?

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