Empire of Cats

A pride of lions roams the savannah-like landscape, while a magnificent tiger watches every move made by the human intruders in its territory. As visitors break away from the tiger’s intimidating gaze, they find themselves face to face with a jaguar, about to take a cool dip in the pool. Zoo Berlin’s new Empire of Cats offers visitors an immersive experience in the fascinating world of feline predators, with awe-inspiring moments around every corner. Where sterile rows of cages once stood, with thick bars separating visitors from the big cats, spacious habitats have been created that recall the inhabitants’ homes in the wild. This animal house originally opened in the 1970s, but now extensive renovation work has brought the building into the modern era – with natural flooring materials, trees for climbing, and pools for swimming.

Raising awareness and enthusiasm

The building also houses an in-depth exhibition where visitors of all ages can learn the secrets of these remarkable hunters and discover that even fearless predators sometimes find themselves in danger. What does a tiger’s tongue feel like? How do cats see at night, and in what ways are their bodies perfectly adapted to hunting? What are the consequences of human interference in intact ecosystems? Interactive exhibits and edutainment stations answer these questions and many more while underlining the building’s core message: cats are fascinating predators and we have a responsibility to protect them.

Here, day turns into night: Aardvarks, plumplori and co. await your visit.

The animal residents here include:

Bengal Slow Loris

Opening hours

Today, 21. July
9:00 - 18:30
Last admission: 17:00
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  • Elephants 11:30
  • Chimpanzees 13:30
  • Orangutans/Bonobos 13:30
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