Tickets & Prices

Attention: A visit to the zoo is currently primarily possible with a pre-booked online ticket. Annual ticket holders must also register online for a certain time slot before their visit. Do you have any questions? You will find all the answers here.


Tickets Zoo Zoo & Aquarium
Adults Zoo16,00 € Zoo & Aquarium22,00 €
4 up to 15 years
Zoo8,00 € Zoo & Aquarium11,00 €
students aged 16+, apprentices, ALG I + II recipients, the severely disabled
Zoo11,00 € Zoo & Aquarium16,00 €

Buy tickets online    Buy your Ticket at the ticket machine of the BVG

Annual Tickets

Tickets Zoo Zoo & Aquarium Zoo & Aquarium & Tierpark
Adults Zoo55,00 € Zoo & Aquarium77,00 € Zoo & Aquarium & Tierpark 99,00 €
4 up to 15 years
Zoo29,00 € Zoo & Aquarium39,00 € Zoo & Aquarium & Tierpark 55,00 €
Small Families**
includes 1 adult and his/her own children resp. children living at the same postal address (ages 4–15)
Zoo66,00 € Zoo & Aquarium99,00 € Zoo & Aquarium & Tierpark 133,00 €
Large Families**
includes both parents (also same-sex) and their own children resp. children living at the same postal address (ages 4 – 15)
Zoo111,00 € Zoo & Aquarium155,00 € Zoo & Aquarium & Tierpark 199,00 €
students, apprentices, ALG I+II recipients, the severely disabled
Zoo44,00 € Zoo & Aquarium66,00 € Zoo & Aquarium & Tierpark88,00 €

Where can I buy an annual ticket?

Annual tickets for the Zoo Berlin and the Aquarium Berlin can be bought at the Löwentor entrance.

Important details concerning the purchase of an annual ticket

All family members must be present when applying for an annual family ticket. The ticket is individually personalised to the holder with a digital photo and is transferred to such a person directly. You are not obliged to bring your own photo for the ticket. We can do this on-site. Please note that annual tickets are non-transferable.


Do you still have questions?
You are more than welcome to contact us.
Tel. (030) 25401 0

Group Tickets

Tickets Zoo Zoo & Aquarium
Group Adults
20 adults and more
Zoo15,00 €
per person
Zoo & Aquarium 20,00 €
per person
Group Children / Classes*
20 children/class size variable
Zoo7,00 €
per person
Zoo & Aquarium 10,00 €
per person

Evidence of enrollment (PDF)