Your visit to the zoo in these unusual times

The Zoo Berlin is not spared by the effects of the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, visits to the zoo are currently only possible with restrictions. First things first: Anyone wishing to visit the Zoo or Tierpark must purchase a ticket in advance from our online shop. When purchasing tickets, visitors must select a specific day and a specific time slot. The tickets will then only be valid during that time. Holders of an annual pass must also book a time slot (free of charge) online before visiting. Admission will not be possible without a pre-booked slot. All further information can be found on the following pages.

An evening at the zoo


special summer evenings at Zoo and Tierpark Berlin

On Thursdays and Fridays from 25 June to 17 July 2020, visitors will be able to roam around the popular parks from 5 to 9 p.m., as the setting sun bathes the city in a golden glow.

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Current Restrictions

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…to be prepared for some restrictions you might experience during your next visit.

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Panda Blog

The Panda Blog

All panda news at a glace.

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Each year, millions of visitors of all ages come to Zoo Berlin for a delightful day out – with family, with friends, or alone. With its large adventure playground and idyllic petting zoo Hans im Glück, Zoo Berlin is the perfect place to take the kids for a short getaway – any day of the year!

Donations for the Zoo Berlin

Zoo Berlin relies on your support as a non-profit organisation. Your donations help to fund not only the food supply and the upkeep of our animals, but also the maintenance and structural adaptation of the enclosures in accordance with the latest insights into modern animal management. We have a lot on our agenda at Zoo Berlin for the future – exactly what can be seen in our target and development plan.

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Visit your favourite animals, discover new species, and perhaps cement new-found friendships by sponsoring an animal of your choice. And don’t forget to check out the fascinating World of Birds, the Hippo House, and the popular sea lion show. We also offer exclusive tours and put together fun-filled parties for children’s birthdays and company celebrations. Zoo Berlin makes an important contribution to species conservation efforts around the world and participates in various European and international endangered species programmes.