Tours and activities for people with disabilities

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      Tours in sign language

      Embark on an exciting tour of Zoo Berlin with experienced guide Daniel Meixner. Get to know the animal inhabitants in a whole new way and gain exclusive insight into everyday life at the Zoo.

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      Walks for people with dementia

      Hear many lovely anecdotes about our animal inhabitants on a walk through the historical Zoo Berlin and tell us about your own animal experiences.

      This guided walk around the Zoo is designed to be evocative and address multiple senses. The aim is to give people with dementia the opportunity to express themselves and engage in conversation, to create links with their own memories, and to enjoy social contact and cultural participation. The walk includes a shared break with light refreshments.

      Successful cooperation

      Zoo Berlin developed this tour in cooperation with the aid organisation Malteser Hilfsdienst. The walks are all led by trained staff from the organisation.

      Discovering the animals with all senses

      For many years, Zoo Berlin has been committed to fascinating young and old for the unique beauty of nature. Now the Zooschool has been awarded for the project Walks for people with dementia in the special competition "Social Nature - Nature for All" of the UN Decade of Biological Diversity.

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      • Dates

        Start of the tours: between 10 am and 3 pm. The times will be adapted to the interested individuals.

        • Thursday, 20.04.2023
        • Thursday, 25.05.2023
        • Thursday, 22.06.2023
      • Duration

        approx. 90 min.

      • Registration

        Please register directly with the Malteser Hilfsdienst at +49 (0)170 33 22 584.

        All walks are adapted to the weather conditions on the day and can accommodate five to ten people.

      • Price

        Regular admission; a donation is requested for the tour and refreshments

      Sensory tour

      How does the fur of a polar bear feel? What noise do flamingos make? And how do tigers smell? On this tour, visitors need multiple senses! It allows visitors who may not have full use of all their senses to experience the world of Zoo Berlin. The tours are adapted to the individual needs of the participants.

      All at a glance!

      • No. of participants

        max. 15 people

        Please note that all participants must be at least five years old and that children under twelve may only take part if accompanied by a responsible adult. The tour will be led by a guide who will not be able to offer any specific, individual support. We therefore recommend that visitors who have severe visual impairments or who need special care only participate in the company of a carer.

      • Price

        €150 (plus admission)

      • Booking

        To ensure you can reserve your preferred date and time, please send a booking request at least 14 days in advance or even earlier for weekend bookings.

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