Photo stroll for amateur photographers

"Photo School of Vision" Photography Workshop

This stroll through Zoo Berlin for photo enthusiasts appeals to all of those who want to find out more about animal photography and those who want to try this out with the support of professionals.

The main focus is on theoretical input phases and the practical implementation of animal photography. It goes without saying that the camera settings that are most suitable for animal photography are discussed at the beginning so that the photos are as they should be. For example, animals on the move should be photographed really sharply. Further topics in this photograph stroll include photographing through glass without interference from glare on the photos and photographing through bars without getting the bars on the photos.

But it isn't only the technical aspects that play a role in successful animal photos. And therefore an important part of the photograph stroll is the observation of the animals in order to capture the right moment for impressive animal photos. More tips and assistance, for example in selecting the location, the perspective and in avoiding obtrusive elements, are given directly at the point of photographing.

The participants receive immediate feedback on their pictures directly at the enclosures when photographing to see if they could possibly take the photograph again from a different perspective or with another camera setting.

Seminar description

General information on animal photography   
Observation of the animals   
Photographing through glass   
Photographing through grids   
Picture review of participant's photos directly at the enclosure

Meeting point:
10 a.m.
In front of the Elefantentor entrance, Budapester Straße

10 a.m. to approx. 5 p.m.

The photo walk is aimed at those who want to learn more about photographing animals and would like to try this in practice with expert assistance.

What you should bring with you:
your own camera: SLR camera (digital or analog), bridge camera, mirrorless system camera or compact camera lenses as available

€95 (Zoo entry not included)

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