Guided tours for people with dementia

Join us on a very special journey of discovery! On this stroll through the historic grounds of Zoo Berlin, you will hear many fun anecdotes and nostalgic stories about various zoo animals. What are the elephants’ favourite foods? What does orangutan hair feel like? Together, we will answer these and many more fascinating questions. You can also share your own stories. What experiences have you had at Zoo Berlin? Do you have a favourite animal, perhaps? What are your fondest memories of the zoo?

Since walking and talking work up an appetite, the tour includes a break to enjoy some refreshments together.

These guided tours focus on emotion and the use of multiple senses. They give people with dementia the opportunity to express themselves, swap stories, expand their knowledge, enjoy social interaction, and have a cultural experience.

Zoo Berlin developed these tours in cooperation with the charity Malteser and cultural mediator Yola Herold. All tours are led by specially trained Malteser employees.


June 07.06.2020
August 01.08.2020
September 20.09.2020
Octobre 10.10.2020


11 am


approx. 90 minutes

Number of participants

group of 5 to 10 participants


The price per participant depends on the currently valid ticket price regulations for severely damaged persons and their accompanying persons. For guidance and food we ask for a donation.


Our guided tours are offered in German on a regular basis, however most of our tours are available in English language as well. For further information, please contact our booking team: 030-25401400 /