Guided sessions at Zoo Berlin

Many animal lovers crave even more of the Zoo. We are therefore very happy to lift the veil of Zoo Berlin as part of the thematically varied guided sessions. We let you get even closer and provide insights into the impressive animal kingdom, their upkeep and care, we look at the history of the Zoo or take a look at the everyday madness of life in the Zoo.

From machos and wimps to the role of gender in the animal kingdom

Propagation is the number one issue in the conservation of a species for all animals. You will encounter the most astonishing reproductive strategies, whereby both females and males, that we take a close look at particularly in appearance, play an equal role. You will get to know diverse animal species and their specific ways of life, bear witness to as many offspring as possible and to successfully recall them.

'175 anniversary' guided sessions

You can draw direct comparisons to the many eras of zoo architecture in the oldest zoo in Germany. Accompany us on a journey through time and behind the scenes of an animal house: We start at the very beginning with animal management in historical menageries, visit the exotic period structure of times gone by and then reach the modern hippo and penguin houses with the once revolutionary idea of 'free enclosures without bars'. You'll see here how we at Zoo Berlin also take into account the aspects of an energy efficient design in addition to the requirements of modern animal management appropriate to the species.

Zoo celebrities

Known and loved the world over – this tour is dedicated to stars of the zoo such as elephants, pandas and sea lions. Kids will meet some of Berlin’s most famous animal inhabitants and gain fascinating insights into life at the zoo.


There’s plenty of variety to be found in black-and-white among the animal kingdom! The two-tone look is quite the trend among Zoo Berlin inhabitants – sported by many more than just our famous panda pair. On the Black & White tour you can see many wonderful ways in which animals pair the contrasting colours. Meet wolves, penguins, monkeys and more – and enjoy helping prepare animal snacks!

'Species conservation' guided session

Zoo Berlin is very popular with visitors for a getaway and as a 'green oasis in the city centre'. Many simply just come to 'check out the animals'. We make a worthwhile contribution to the conservation of species so that guests can continue enjoying our facilities for many years to come. You will learn more about the reasons for the threat to biodiversity as well as the measures taken for the protection thereof on this tour. How are breeding programmes executed? How can individuals help? You will even come closer to many endangered species than you usually would.

'Asia' guided session

Time to drop by India, visit animals from the Far East and feel like you're on your travels by doing so … Guests in Zoo Berlin can feel like they're doing all of these without even getting on a plane. We'll visit well known zoo animals such as Asian elephants, Indochinese tigers and Indian rhinoceroses, but we'll also encounter unknown animal species with unusual sounding names such as the gaur, anoa, hulman or barasingha.

'Africa' guided session

Everyone's seen the images from Serengeti or other large national parks, haven't they?! Giraffes, zebras, antelopes, ostriches as far as the eye can see and in between – well camouflaged – a pride of lions. You won't be able to see these animal species in the wild, but at close quarters in peace and quiet at our Zoo. Your guide answers your questions and informs you about the everyday life of the animals at the Zoo.

'South America' guided session

On route to South America, we follow our guide into the vastness of the Pampas, into the impenetrable Amazon or high into the Andes. There is something to see for each and everyone of us! Red-bellied titis and callitrichids spring from branch to branch or look directly into the eyes of zoo guests while using their clamp-like tails to hang from above.


The guided session cost is EUR 120 (without taking a look behind the scenes) or EUR 150 (with taking a look behind the scenes).

Number of participants

The tours last approx. 1.5 hours and are suitable for groups of up to 20 participants.


The guided sessions are usually undertaken in German. We would also be happy to offer the majority of the guided sessions in English on request.

Information & booking

Please write an email to or call our hotline on 030-25 401 400.

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