Evening tours of Zoo Berlin

A wonderful opportunity to explore the zoo after the gates close and the daytime visitors go home.
On this 90-minute tour, your experienced guide will tell you exciting stories about the Zoo’s animal inhabitants and even disclose a secret or two. Do all the animals head indoors when evening falls? Are there some who like to stay outside – and are permitted to do so? And which animals really come to life when the sun goes to bed?

Our guided tours are offered in German on a regular basis, however most of our tours are available in English language as well. For further information, please contact our booking team: 030-25401400 / zooschule@noSpamzoo-berlin.de

We open up some of the animal houses and take a peek inside to find out who has hit the hay for the night and who is still up, curious to inspect the unexpected night-time visitors.

Exclusive evening tours can be booked from April to early October.


The timing of the tours depends on when the sun sets. You will be able to discuss the best time to start your tour when you make the booking.

Meeting point

According to your wishes


€220 per group plus €7.50 reduced admission for each person. Payment via invoice