Day-care centre groups at Zoo Berlin

One thing's for sure you won't find a place more alive than a zoo for learning. We offer exciting opportunities for our younger, most curious zoo visitors to explore mother nature outdoors and get up close to living organisms. We even offer kindergartens and day-care centres thematically different guided sessions to provide children with knowledge about animals and their habitats in a playful manner. We currently offer these guided sessions for day-care centres:

Journey to the North Pole

The polar bears are a great source of fascination for our young visitors to the Zoo. As part of the show feedings, our Zoo escorts explain the characteristics of life as a polar bear in a child-friendly manner and with a specific focus on the species. They are solitary animals, resilient hunters, they don't eat fish and are certainly no cuddly toys! On the way, we look out for tracks in the snow or test the camouflage of various animal species among other things. We also visit the polar bear's neighbours on this North Pole tour: Arctic wolves, harbour seals and reindeer.

Feeding and research

This tour reveals what different species of animals feed on and how they do it. We take a look at some food types more closely and consider how the animals obtain their food. To top it off, the children themselves have the chance to try their hand at feeding. Please keep in mind: Zoo animals sometimes have peculiar taste preferences.

Predators and prey

Children get to know more about the complex predator-prey relationships using concrete animal species in a playful manner. Big predator cats such as lions, tigers and leopards particularly fascinate the children. We want to do justice to both groups on this tour, the carnivores and herbivores. We reveal the sets of teeth and footprints of various species and also briefly check out a typical feed preparation area of a zoo.

Why ...

do giraffes have such long necks and elephants such a long nose? The focus of this guided session is on the seemingly inexhaustible curiosity of the children. We'll answer or pose questions and then we'll seek answers to these together. We encourage the children to also personally identify with the animals so that the biological relationships associated with them are easier to understand. Lot's of exhibits may be touched and sniffed along the way. What are your day-care centre kids interested in? Send us your list of questions before the guided session if you'd like to give your tour around the Zoo that personal touch.

Young animal keepers

Who wouldn't want to just slip behind the door marked 'Only for animal keepers', take a look inside the kitchen pots or even feed themselves? Everything revolves around the animal keepers, their duties and their everyday work on this tour. Where does the feed come from? Where are the portions put together? Which animals eat what? Of course, there is also plenty of information about the inhabitants of our Zoo.


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  • You are also welcome to write us an email:
  • No booking without prior arrangement possible

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Monday10 a.m.–3 p.m.
Tuesday12 p.m.–4 p.m.
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All guided sessions begin at the Hardenbergplatz entrance – the Löwentor – directly opposite the Zoologischer Garten U-bahn, S-bahn and bus stations. Please make yourself known at the ticket office there.


  • €45 guided-session fee
  • Day-care centre children from Berlin have free entry to the Zoo, Day-care Centres out of Berlin pay €7.00.
  • Day-care centres: 1 adult per 5 children
  • Schools: 1 adult per 15 children


We make every effort to cater for your needs. There is always the risk of shifts in the programme due to operational reasons!