Children's birthdays at Zoo Berlin

Children's birthdays turn into a unique adventure with a day at the Zoo. Why don't you get out of the nursery and straight into the action at the Zoo and even slip behind the scenes? The thematically varying tours will leave no birthday wish unfulfilled – there's plenty to experience:

Zoo adventure

The children playfully learn many new things about the animal kingdom and the characteristics of it while passing through the zoo and by means of various activities. We additionally look over the shoulders of the animal keepers while on this tour and find out exactly what goes on with them. The kids will also get a real feel for animal keeping when feeding from a suitable distance.

Age: for ages 5–6

Little & large

We take a look at some of the larger animals more closely – but at a distance. But even the smaller zoo animals, which can even appear quite big to some of our younger guests at their age, find a place on this tour. We may also get quite a bit closer than normal to these animals, allowing the children to feed as if they were real animal keepers.

Age: 5–6 years

Animals in an XXL format

The majority of our popular house pets are smaller than us. It's no wonder that the fascination grows with the size of an animal. This tour lets us visit the largest inhabitants of our Zoo, where the children not only learn a lot of interesting things, but also get an insight from an unusual perspective and may even get to feed some of the chosen giants.

Age: from 8 years

Monkeys and predators

You simply can't visit the Zoo without taking a look at our monkeys and predators. Due to their enormous popularity among the visitors, we solely focus our attention on this guided session to those animals that can also be fed from a distance. We take an exciting look behind the scenes of the predators where the food is offered. We must remember, however, that predators are not vegetarians.

Age: 8 years

Who pinched the coconut?

Who eats what? How do animals get their food? And what does it all have to do with coconuts? On this tour children get to watch gorillas and other primates on their search for food and even feed them and entertain them from a safe distance. This birthday experience focuses primarily on apes and monkeys but other popular zoo animals are also featured.

Age: 8 and above

The bears and the birds

On this tour we get to know some of the mightiest creatures in the animal kingdom as we visit the Zoo’s various bear species to find out who is the strongest. We then call in on the birds – and it soon becomes clear that their strength is no less impressive than that of pandas and polar bears. The children get to know more about our feathered friends and even take on some of the keepers’ duties. The tour also includes feeding one of the species.

Age: 8 and above

The tour for conservationists

One of the key tasks of zoological gardens is the conservation of species. We have a lot on our hands because so many of our animals are threatened with extinction. We address the various reasons for the threats to animals, what measures are possible and what each and everyone of us can do on this guided session. The guided session evokes the children's interest in the key issues of species and nature conservation. There are, of course, also chances for feedings on this guided session.

Age recommendation: This tour is only suitable for children over 8 years of age.

The wild pigs and their relatives

Zoo Berlin harbours a large passion for pigs that is only shared by a few of our zoo visitors mainly due to ignorance. We want to change this preconception on this tour, in which feedings also take place. The larger relations of the pig are also visited, which is often followed with pure amazement due to their dissimilarity.

Age recommendation: This tour is only suitable for groups of children over 7 years of age.

Global journey into the extended area

The rear part of the Zoo houses the extended area in which the animals are not accommodated according to species, but rather by continent. Many different types of species live together here in large enclosures. Some record holders can even be found among them: For instance the capybara, the largest rodent in the world. And both the largest as well as one of the smallest kangaroos of Australia. And of course, the largest bird in the world. We start this tour at the Elefantentor on Budapester Strasse as an exception and set off on an exciting global journey across the continents of Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. In doing so, we get to know the typical habitats and their animal inhabitants, some of which we may even come a little closer to.

Age recommendation: From 7 years

Nocturnal animals

Before we step into the nocturnal house with the group, we pay a visit to the owls, where the children are introduced to the impressive characteristics of this group of birds. We then move onto the nocturnal house where we focus on: Orientation in the dark and taking a detailed look behind the scenes. The birthday child even gets the chance of feeding like a true animal keeper with the help of the guide.

Age recommendation: This tour is suitable for children over 8 years of age.
Note: This tour is only bookable for the afternoon

The surprise tour

Struggling to decide – and have been debating about it for days? Then leave the decision to us. The benefit: We plan according to our experiences incorporating the age, the group structure, the season and: you'll be booking a true birthday surprise! You can also decide whether you should embark on a journey to South America, Africa or Asia.

Age recommendation: Suitable for any age.


  • Appointment by telephone and further information from Zoo Berlin Tel. 030 25 40 1 400
  • You are also welcome to write us an email:
  • No booking without prior arrangement possible

Telephone times:

Monday10 a.m.–3 p.m.
Tuesday12 p.m.–4 p.m.
Wednesday10 a.m.–3 p.m.
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All guided sessions take place in Zoo Berlin. Our Zoo School guides will inform you of the exact meeting point.



1 hour (75 minutes)


  • EUR 75 guided-session fee for up to 15 participants plus entry
  • The birthday child gets in for free.


Your desired date should be booked well in advance – especially if this is at a weekend. The Zoo is not as busy on weekdays and the programme is more varied and colourful in comparison to the weekend, due to operational reasons. We follow the animals in the warm houses during the winter months. We make every effort to cater for your needs. There is always the risk of shifts in the programme due to operational reasons.

After booking by telephone, a deposit of EUR 75 must be paid two (2) weeks before the event date, if possible. Please make this to our account at Commerzbank AG, sort code: 100 400 00; the account number is obtained on request. Key word: Birthday Zoo – name as booked – date of the event as booked. The advance payment is to secure your booking and will be proportionately retained as a processing fee for no-shows to the guided session.