Feedings and shows

Commentated feedings

enabled by Berliner Volksbank
Wolves/Coatis1 10:30 am
Fur seals 11:00 am
Elephants4 11:30 am
Harbour seals 1:30 pm
Orangutans or Chimpanzees2 1:30 pm
Gorillas2 2:00 pm
King penguins 2:00 pm
Hippos 3:30 pm
Californian sea lions
3:15 pm


Gorillas2 11:30 am
Bonobos2 1:30 pm
Carnivores3 2:30 pm
Pelicans 3:30 pm

1 Apart from Wed

2 Depending on weather in the outside area or in the great ape house (non-commentated). You can find current info on the feedings of the great apes in the feeding kitchen.

3 Apart from Mon + Thurs without big cats. In winter feeding at 3:30 pm.

4 Except in winter