17. August 2019

Palace Friedichsfelde at Tierpark Berlin invites to a grand rococo festival

Concerts – Plays – Fencing – Dressage
Organised by Freunde Hauptstadtzoos

The Palace Friedrichsfelde from early classical era is centrally located in the Tierpark Berlin. At the weekend Palace Friedrichsfelde invites to the grand rococo festival. At 10:00/10am guests/visitors could go on a journey through time for just the regular entrance fee. An 18th century experience with market, café, plays, historic dances and a lot of courtly surprises can start.

Explore the Tierpark by carriage, watch beautiful horses, try your luck with labyrinth games, witness stunning fencing shows and many, many more.

At this weekend over 300 actors will take you to the time of Friedrich the Great, right at Tierpark Berlin.

For the little guests/visitors fairy tales, plays and historic games will be offered.