Black rhinoceros

(Diceros bicornis)

The black rhino has a pointed, elongated upper lip, which is so flexible that it enables the giant to skillfully pluck even the smallest of leaves. The vegetarians live in Africa, where they inhabit a territory of up to 40 square kilometers in savannahs as solitary creatures.


Africa (south and east)

Savannahs, open plains, bush vegetation

Leaves, twigs, bushes

Approx. 4,880

3.00 m in length, shoulder height up to 1.80 m

Approx. 1.4 tonnes

Gestation period
Approx. 14 to 16 months

Achievable age
Over 30 years in human care

What you should know about rhinos
The black rhino is the second largest variant of rhino in Africa. They can weigh up to 1.5 tonnes, which is why they need to consume vast amounts of leaves, shrubs, young acacia shoots and many other plant foods on a daily basis.

No pacifists
Black rhinos know how to use their bulky shape and two horns. The animals don't have to look far and as a result, often attack more frequently as they simply do not know where the danger is. The animals do not have a wide range of vision and as a result often charge a lot more than you would think is normal, as they simply do not know where the danger is.

Petit bourgeois of the savannah
The bigger of the two horns on the bridge of the nose of the black rhino is 50 centimetres long on average. A few cases have even seen lengths up to 138 centimetres. There are also occasionally rudiments of a third horn on the forehead. They are made up of thousands of fibers of keratin, which wind their way into the horn.

Is it true, that ...?

The critically endangered species has been decimated by almost 90 per cent since the 1960s. The fact that many rhino species are now almost extinct, is mainly due to the superstitions of man. Absurd though it is, the ground horn of the rhino is still used in Chinese medicine up to this day. This is especially tragic if one considers that the horn isn't made out of anything special but just the same material as our finger nails and hair.

Pointed lip
The uniquely shaped upper lip is ideally suited for targeted grabbing of branches and leaves of thorny bushes.

Radar stations
Rhinos hear fantastically. They can align their ears to any noise - that's good so, because rhinos
are extremely short-sighted.

Did you know that...
... rhinos have no natural predators, their horn can grow up to one metre long,
... and that it unfortunately is a hunting trophy, because it is mistakenly considered "miracle cure",
... even though it consists of simple keratin like our finger nails?

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