Donate for Zoo Berlin

The zoological garden has developed into the most species-rich zoo in the world as the oldest zoo in Germany: We have around 1,500 types of species, some of them critically endangered, and 15,000 individual creatures. Species conservation and the relentless improvement of the habitats of our animals form the basis of our work. We wouldn't be able to do half as much without your support as a non-profit organisation. It is thanks to your donations that we are able to maintain the unique biodiversity in Zoo Berlin for many generations to come too.


A better home for our big cats

A pride of lions prowls across the savannah landscape, tigers skulk in the undergrowth, and leopards perch on lofty branches. To make this vision a reality at Zoo Berlin, we are carrying out an extensive renovation of our Predator House. Cages will be replaced with habitats that recall the animals’ homes in the wild, giving visitors a whole new experience of our feline predators. We are looking for donations to support this project. Donors who give €1,000 or more can enjoy an exclusive tour of the site.


Donations for the Zoo Berlin

Zoo Berlin relies on your support as a non-profit organisation. Your donations help to fund not only the food supply and the upkeep of our animals, but also the maintenance and structural adaptation of the enclosures in accordance with the latest insights into modern animal management. We have a lot on our agenda at Zoo Berlin for the future – exactly what can be seen in our target and development plan.