Animal adoptions – the very special friendship

If you would like to have a more active participation in the life of one of our Zoo inhabitants, maybe even meet with them personally and wish to contribute to the management and care of the animals, then an animal adoption may just be the right option for you.

Which animals are looking for sponsors?

You can basically be a sponsor of any animal, since animals can have several sponsors except for our 'big ones', such as gorillas, rhinos, elephants & Co. Feel free to ask and we'll come up with the ideal partner together – or be inspired here:

2000 €

1000 €

European bison
Fur seal

500 €

Afrikanischer Wildhund
Przewalski's horse

400 €
Red kangaroo
Gray langur

350 €
Kirk's dik-dik

300 €
Parma wallaby
Wedge-capped capuchin
Siberian ibex
Alpine marmot

250 €
African penguin
European eagle-owl
Stump-tailed macaque
Hamadryas baboon
Pygmy goat

240 €
Spider tortoise

200 €
Senegal bushbaby
Goeldi's marmoset

150 €

120 €
White-bellied bustard
Common pheasant

100 €
Greater white-fronted goose
Northern bald ibis
Wood duck
Ferruginous duck
Red-billed leiothrix

How much does a sponsorship cost?

You can take out (for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one) a sponsorship for an annual fee starting at €100. You can take out a sponsorship for the 'large' animal inhabitants such as tigers, rhinoceroses or elephants from €1,000. Details about the animals and how much a sponsorship costs can be found in the tab above.

Our thank you for each animal sponsor:

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Name plate on one of our sponsor boards
  • Invitation to the donor and sponsor evening

Are you interested in a sponsorship or would you like to give one as a present?

Don't hesitate and simply give us a call on tel.: 030/25 401 290 or write us an email to the address Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Complete an animal adoption conveniently online:

Found your favorite animal in the selection? Simply fill out the online payment form and submit. After receiving the sponsorship contribution, you will receive your certificate and donation receipt.

Be an animal sponsor now!