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It is important for us that our animals live in a setting that corresponds to their natural environment as much as possible. This includes animal-friendly facilities as well as good food, water and veterinary medical care. All this is associated with higher costs. Each one of our gorillas needs around 9 kg of fresh vegetables per day, in addition to fresh leaves. We need almost 50 kg of leeks, peppers or salad for our gorilla group alone – and that is per day!


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Be careful! There is a real risk that you might fall in love by becoming an animal sponsor – and with it experience unforgeable moments!

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We're looking forward to a long partnership. We consider our company sponsors as long-term partners. Our sponsorship group is therefore a limited circle of selected enterprises with a close connection to the zoo.

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Zoo Berlin has two charitable foundations on its side. The special feature: Foundations are invested for evermore.

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Donations from legacies and heritages are invaluable to Zoo Berlin for achieving it's objectives. We are also very happy to assist you personally if you wish to find out more about this.

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