Emergency Aid for Bonobos in the Congo

Bonobos are endangered in their natural habitat in the African country of Congo.

In order to protect these animals, members of the Bonobo Alive association organize patrols against poaching and confiscate illegal animal traps. They work together with the Congolese nature conservation authority. And they work tirelessly when it comes to opening up local people's hearts to the plight of bonobos and the conservation of their habitat. They are scientists and nature conservationists, who have dedicated themselves to safeguarding the future of the bonobos.

Conducting regular patrols, consisting of locals and park rangers, is a key issue for Bonobo Alive. Employees also take the issue of nature conservation into village schools and classrooms. Here, the likeable bonobos first of all act as ambassadors for their species, but also for the preservation of the biodiversity found in the rainforests of the Congo, which has to be protected. The Zoologischer Garten Berlin Foundation is supporting the work of Bonobo Alive in 2015 with 2,500 euros.

You can find out more information on the website of the Zoologischer Garten Berlin Foundation or at Bonobo Alive.