Blue eyed ibis

The species-rich home of the blue eyed ibis on Madagascar is dwindling.

The blue-eyed ibis with its long, curved beak, typical of the ibis, is found exclusively on the African island of Madagascar. However, the destruction of the forests and wetland areas and therefore the breeding sites of the aquatic birds, has lead to a rapid decline in their habitats. The population of the critically endangered blue eyed ibis is estimated to be between 2300 and 3250 individuals. It is not without reason that they are also referred to as the 'Madagascar sacred ibis'.

A project for the conservation of the critically endangered aquatic birds in Bombetoka Bay

The 'Perschke-Voronosy' project is based at Bombetoka Bay in northwestern Madagascar. Bombetoka Bay is one of the most species-rich and important aquatic bird areas in Madagascar. The entire area with over twenty islands covers around 150,000 ha. Berlin animal keeper Mario Perschke launched the 'Voronosy' project, amongst others, with the help of the Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations (ZGAP) back in 2005. After Mario Perschke's surprising death in 2007, the project was renamed 'Perschke-Voronosy' in his honour.

Madagascan mangrove forests – protection for the threatened, species-rich paradise

The aim of the project is to work with the local Madagascan population to strive towards permanent protection status for the breeding sites of the endangered blue eyed ibis and other wading birds. The protection of the popular blue eyed ibis is thereby representative of the conservation of mangrove areas and their many animal inhabitants.

This project's programme involves nature conservation measures combined with population development assistance. Raising the awareness of the population was also a key measure in addition to habitat conservation, for which information materials and informative signs were produced as well as radio broadcasts and events to educate people.

In remembrance of the project initiator & animal keeper Mario Perschke

The EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) adopted 'Perschke-Voronosy' in their programme as part of their campaign in Madagascar. We see it as our responsibility to support this project, together with the Weltvogelpark Walsrode as well as Zoo Duisburg, Zoo Landau and Zoo Münster in memory of the work of undertaken by Berlin animal keeper Mario Perschke, who sadly died in Madagascar.