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Coronavirus precautions

There are currently no special coronavirus precautions at Zoo Berlin and all of the animal houses (except the pig house) are open again. For the fastest possible admission, the purchase of online tickets is strongly recommended. Online tickets allow you to go straight to the entrance and avoid standing in line at the ticket booths. The available time slots only refer to the time of entry. Therefore, there is no limit to your stay at Zoo Berlin within the regular opening hours.

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Is it no longer possible to buy tickets on site?

    Ticket booths at the Zoo are open. However, we recommend buying online tickets in advance to reduce waiting times at the entrance.

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  • Do I have to leave the Zoo by the end of the timeslot I have booked?

    The booked time slots only represent the admission time. Therefore, the stay at Zoo Berlin is not limited (within the regular opening hours).

    The chosen time slot is binding and cannot be changed after the purchase has been made. Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

  • I have a complimentary or pre-bought ticket

    Online tickets, tickets purchased in advance (e.g. from BVG ticket machines) and complimentary tickets can be presented at the ticket booths by the entrances (clearly marked) and allow immediate admission. Advance online registration is not possible.

  • How can I get my discount on tickets?

    Discount coupons can be presented at the ticket booths by the entrances for immediate admission. Advance online registration is not possible.

    Our regular reduced rates are available online.

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  • Is it necessary for annual pass holders to register online?

    No. Annual pass holders do not need to register in advance. However, due to capacity, time slots must be booked for the Aquarium Berlin.

  • Support

  • Is the Zoo doing better financially?

    The corona pandemic has been a very challenging time for us. Multiple closures over the past few years have led to significant losses of income and we are still not back at regular visitor numbers. Our operations cannot be shut down like in other industries. After all, the approximately 30,000 animals have to be cared for at all times – to be more specific, running the Zoo, Tierpark and Aquarium Berlin costs around 140,000 euros a day.

    We have been overwhelmed by the enormous support we have received throughout this time. We truly appreciate this and would like to thank our many supporters! However, we continue to be grateful for donations as visitor numbers still remain lower than before the pandemic.

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Today, 8. February
9:00 - 16:30
Last admission: 15:30
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  • Our animals are full up. No more feeding sessions today.
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