Press releases

A “silver” anniversary

Gorilla Ivo celebrates his 30th birthday.

One more week!

Preliminary results are in for the Giant Panda Global Awards 2017.

Great expectations

Zoo Berlin’s black rhinoceros Maburi is pregnant

Zoo Berlin nominated for Giant Panda Global Awards

Fans of Berlin’s pandas can place their votes from now until 21 January 2018

Silent forests

Zoo Berlin is helping to save the birds of Southeast Asia

A hippo moves house

Male hippo Max bids farewell to Zoo Berlin

Okapis in danger

Journalists report on attack at the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in DR Congo

The world’s zoos come to Berlin

International experts meet for the 72nd WAZA Conference in Berlin

Rhinos under the hammer

Auction in Berlin in aid of the northern white rhinoceros

We bid farewell to Yohda

Elderly rhinoceros bull dies at Zoo Berlin.