Press releases

The world’s zoos come to Berlin

International experts meet for the 72nd WAZA Conference in Berlin

Rhinos under the hammer

Auction in Berlin in aid of the northern white rhinoceros

We bid farewell to Yohda

Elderly rhinoceros bull dies at Zoo Berlin.

Black-and-white babies!

Zoo Berlin’s new arrivals are following the latest fashion trend

Many happy returns, Jiao Qing!

The second panda birthday in a week.

Meng Meng turns four

Zoo Berlin celebrates its first panda birthday in five years

Panda Garden grand opening!

Chancellor Merkel and President Xi visit Berlin’s new bears

A piece of the Far East in the centre of Berlin

Pandas are welcomed with a Chinese festival

Welcome to Bearlin!

Pandas touch down to a celebratory welcome.

A first-class flight for Berlin’s pandas

Zoo Berlin and Lufthansa Cargo answer questions about our pandas’ journey to Germany