Press releases

A first week full of cuddles

Zoo Berlin’s new panda mum is giving her cubs plenty of loving care

Tiny bears with a big appetite

Zoo Berlin’s panda cubs are developing well

Twin bundles of joy

Germany’s first panda cubs are born at Zoo Berlin!

Listen to that beat!

Ultrasound scan reveals Zoo Berlin is expecting at least one panda baby

Is she or isn’t she?

Zoo Berlin is getting ready to welcome a new panda baby.

A sweet birthday treat

Zoo Berlin gets a magnificent cake for its 175th jubilee

A monument to species conservation

Zoo Berlin is planning an impressive new rhinoceros habitat.

175 years of Zoo Berlin

Germany’s oldest zoo celebrates a special jubilee.

Planned panda parenthood

Zoo Berlin’s panda pair get help starting a family.

More baby bears for Berlin?

Zoo Berlin’s giant pandas are getting intimate