Father Christmas vs. gingerbread man!

Panda lady Meng Meng was spoiled for choice – the Father Christmas made from beetroot, apples and bamboo looked just as tempting as the tasty gingerbread man. In the end, the pandas really got into the Christmas spirit and scoffed the lot! We hope you all have a very merry Christmas too!

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12.02.2020Éponyme eb

So nice they're really cute !!

22.11.2019Zack Rosenfeld

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Well, in the wild, they do not get gingerbread because there is the only bamboo, just to make people happy. Just leave it at bamboo, evl, then there will be no constipation like yang yeah, no matter if it's christmas birthday and if you should start again with artificial Fertilization etc let it be pandas are mating mum I do not want to know what China in the pandas in there but normal it is not the de because babies always have I go again with 50 people in the zoo when it is done by the natural act and that Results are able to speak with about 5 months.

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Very famous. China saying fit to refer some of their pandas there and the San Diego zoo was intelligent to positively breed them. This was a historic accomplishment.

27.08.2019online assignment

My first time at the San Diego Zoo, one of the pandas was doing a bunch of laps around his area. We were hyped about it because I guess they are usually sleeping, but this guy was really moving. Then the guide told us the panda was upset that he was fed one day old bamboo. Panda hanger is super real!