Zoo Berlin has once again been nominated for the Giant Panda Global Awards!

In the days leading up to Sunday 10 February, panda fans all over the world will be casting their votes to decide who will win the coveted Giant Panda Global Awards. Zoo Berlin has been nominated in four of the categories. We hope we can count on your support.

To vote, visit: www.giantpandaglobal.com/giant-panda-global-awards/.

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03.12.2019vex 3

I think this award is well worth it. I am very supportive. Thanks for sharing .

22.03.2019Jukka Stenberg

Hi, we will arrive Berlin next Monday and planned to see pandas, baby banda etc. Is the right place Tiergarten in ost Berlin or Zoo in west? It is crealy informed that there are two zoos and where there are located and which animals are different zoos. Br Jukka S