Welcome to our Panda Blog

The zoo is in full-blown panda fever and plenty of visitors and zoo fans are just as excited as we are. The animals are only pandas in Germany, making them a real Zoo Berlin highlight. In this blog we will collect all panda information and keep your updated with all the latest news surrounding “Project Panda”.

We can see clearly now!

The panda residence is almost finished. But this is no time to rush things, as now begins the delicate task of fitting the windows. Over the past few days, a team of builders have been using a crane to help them carefully place the large plate-glass windows – up to 3.5 metres high and 33 millimetres thick – into their frames in the Panda Plaza.

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Flying benches!

Last week, visitors may have witnessed benches taking to the air. These have now landed in the Panda Plaza and have been carefully manoeuvred into their final positions. The modern benches have a curved, contoured design that will give great viewing comfort.

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It’s up!

The scaffolding that has been holding up the roof over the past few weeks has been gradually removed – and the enormous structure is now in place, sitting majestically atop the Panda Plaza with just a few pillars for support. The skylights over the pandas’ two indoor areas are staring up at the sky like two huge eyes, wondering when the new inhabitants will be flying in from China.

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Waving goodbye to our green giant

The 32-metre-high crane will not be needed for the final touches to the roof and the last of the excavation work, so it’s time to bid a fond farewell to our lanky friend and helper. Watch our time-lapse video to see the colossus slowly collapsing in on itself.

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A roof over the pandas’ heads

This week, the large roof that will protect both pandas and visitors from the elements is being delivered piece by piece to the zoo. A special crane is on hand to help unload the individual concrete slabs from the truck and carefully position them in the right place.

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