Welcome to our Panda Blog

The zoo is in full-blown panda fever and plenty of visitors and zoo fans are just as excited as we are. The animals are only pandas in Germany, making them a real Zoo Berlin highlight. In this blog we will collect all panda information and keep your updated with all the latest news surrounding “Project Panda”.

Recycling with care

With a level of care and dexterity rather unexpected of such a hefty piece of machinery, the crane has dismantled the stalls on the former deer area and sorted the debris into neat little piles: metal in one, wood in another, and construction rubble in a different corner.

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Your donations help!

Our two pandas will arrive from China in summer 2017. We are in the process of building a modern panda habitat that will be unrivalled in Europe and ensure that our new bamboo-eating inhabitants feel at home here. The 5,280 m² panda house will include indoor and outdoor areas, a veterinary clinic, and storage space for the bamboo.

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Panda rules

Two panda bears at the Dujiangyan Panda Base breeding centre during a visit to the country by Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr Andreas Knieriem on 28 April 2016.

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Berlin’s panda plan is taking shape

What variety of bamboo do Giant Pandas like best? And just how thick do these rare bears like their bamboo stalks to be? Chairman of the Supervisory Board Frank Bruckmann and Zoo Director Dr Andreas Knieriem learned about things like this on their trip to China from 13 to 17 October. The mission of the journey was to conduct final contract negotiations in Beijing with the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) and the State Forestry Administration (SFA) and to pay a visit to the panda breeding station in Chengdu.

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A panda paradise at Zoo Berlin

An eye-catcher for visitors and a home for our black-and-white bears: the first draft for the design of the new panda habitat has been decided. The design was drawn up by architectural firm dan pearlman and should please pandas and visitors alike. Across this spacious and lusciously green complex, visitors will be able to observe the pandas interacting with their new surroundings – which are closely modelled on the animals’ natural habitat. The panda facilities include a building that will house the animals as well as an air-conditioned storage room for bamboo, a kitchen for food preparation, and a treatment room equipped like a standard veterinary practice for health checks. The published draft gives an initial impression of how it will look. Construction work on the panda facilities is scheduled to commence in late 2016.

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A young panda couple will be coming to Berlin Zoo

On 26th April, Zoo Director, Dr Andreas Knieriem, and Head of Zoology, Dr Ragnar Kühne, travelled to Beijing along with Kieran Stanley, Director of the architectural firm dan pearlman Experience Architecture. The aim of the trip was to begin talks on relocating a panda couple to Berlin.

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