Welcome to our Panda Blog

The zoo is in full-blown panda fever and plenty of visitors and zoo fans are just as excited as we are. The animals are only pandas in Germany, making them a real Zoo Berlin highlight. In this blog we will collect all panda information and keep your updated with all the latest news surrounding “Project Panda”.

Finishing touches to the Panda Garden

With construction work very nearly complete, it’s time to get down to the details. The little hideout in the pandas’ outdoor area looks just like a real tree stump, though it’s actually made of concrete. The indoor climbing apparatus is also in place – a smaller counterpart to the large climbing area complete with a swing that stands in Mr and Mrs Panda’s garden.

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Did you know that pandas are perfectly adapted to the food they eat? Giant pandas developed a kind of second thumb to help them grip bamboo shoots, and their oesophagus has evolved a strong lining so that it doesn’t get injured by the bamboo’s sharp edges.

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Pavilion taking shape

The replica of a Chinese music pavilion, from which visitors will be able to observe female panda Meng Meng in her outdoor habitat, is rapidly taking shape. The bright red building is clearly visible from the entrance to the Panda Plaza and from the Elephant Gate, and fits in well with their colour scheme and appearance.

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