Welcome to our Panda Blog

The zoo is in full-blown panda fever and plenty of visitors and zoo fans are just as excited as we are. The animals are only pandas in Germany, making them a real Zoo Berlin highlight. In this blog we will collect all panda information and keep your updated with all the latest news surrounding “Project Panda”.

Waving goodbye to our green giant

The 32-metre-high crane will not be needed for the final touches to the roof and the last of the excavation work, so it’s time to bid a fond farewell to our lanky friend and helper. Watch our time-lapse video to see the colossus slowly collapsing in on itself.

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A roof over the pandas’ heads

This week, the large roof that will protect both pandas and visitors from the elements is being delivered piece by piece to the zoo. A special crane is on hand to help unload the individual concrete slabs from the truck and carefully position them in the right place.

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Pandas and bamboo

There’s more to bamboo than meets the eye. Although the giant panda’s diet consists primarily of this sweet grass, there are many different types of bamboo – all with their own flavour. Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr Andreas Knieriem tells us a bit about bamboo and pandas.

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Construction gets reinforcements

Where previously all was grey, a brown-orange hue now dominates the Panda Garden construction site. Steel mesh on the roof of the stable building and the floor of the female’s indoor enclosure will provide the concrete with the reinforcement it requires.

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The present is unwrapped – but it’s not ready yet

Today, the tarpaulin was removed from the Christo-esque “wrapped” building to reveal the shell of the panda house. With bricklaying work complete, the building could shed its protective cover. But it is currently still open-top – now it’s time for the roof, which will be gradually constructed and concreted over the next fortnight.

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