Welcome to our Panda Blog

The zoo is in full-blown panda fever and plenty of visitors and zoo fans are just as excited as we are. The animals are only pandas in Germany, making them a real Zoo Berlin highlight. In this blog we will collect all panda information and keep your updated with all the latest news surrounding “Project Panda”.

An oriental coronation!

Yesterday evening, the Chinese Pavilion was crowned with an ornate roof. This means the building, which is visible from the Elephant Gate entrance, is very nearly complete. We have put together some photos of the event for you.

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Welcome to panda paradise!

Panda pair Meng Meng and Jiao Qing land in Berlin on Saturday 24 June. Although the bears will spend a period of quarantine indoors until 5 July, their large outdoor habitat is already finished – complete with climbing apparatus, an artificial stream, and plenty of greenery. The visitor fences have also been erected.

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