Meng Meng’s first outing

A perfect stillness hangs over the zoo. Many of the animals are still asleep or just starting to peer out at the world. But wait… there’s something moving in the bushes! In the same spot where the big Panda Garden opening party finally came to a close at midnight last night, a black-and-white ball of fur is now padding through the undergrowth.

An early-morning adventure


At around 5:30 this morning, just after sunrise, our female panda Meng Meng was let into her spacious garden for the very first time. Keepers and vets wanted to give her the chance to explore her new realm in the peaceful early hours, before the crowds arrived. During her outing, she took a particular liking to an old oak tree.

A swinging good time

After a quick and exciting climb to unexpectedly lofty heights, Meng Meng completed her lap of the Panda Garden by playing on the swing, splashing through the stream, and testing out the climbing apparatus. She then tucked into some bamboo and took a brief morning nap before heading back inside – enough adventure for one day!

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