Lively little Maisha

Zoo Berlin’s baby black rhino has a name.

Zoo Berlin’s one-month-old black rhinoceros spends a good part of each day playfully and curiously exploring her outdoor habitat. And the confident calf now has a name: Maisha.

The word means “life” in East African language Swahili – and that is certainly a fitting moniker for the young female rhino. After all, little Maisha independently showed herself to Zoo visitors for the first time about two weeks ago, bravely venturing outside on her own when mother Maburi (16) wanted to stay indoors. And Maisha’s self-confidence continues to show. “She not only displays a great interest in her surroundings, she is also developing very well in other respects,” says Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr Andreas Knieriem, who is also a qualified veterinarian. “She now weighs around 50 kg, which is more than double her birth weight.” Black rhinos can weigh up to 1.3 tonnes when fully grown.

The sponsor of Maburi and her calf, local financial institution Berliner Sparkasse, launched a widespread call for name ideas. Hundreds of suggestions were submitted, mainly via the social media channels of Berliner Sparkasse and the Zoo. Eventually, the decision was made to call the young rhino Maisha.

Since cold, wet weather is far from ideal for little black rhinos, during the winter Maburi and her baby will only be outside and on show to Zoo visitors for a few hours at a time.