Last year's visitor record broken again

Berlin's Zoo, Aquarium and Tierpark Berlin welcomed more than 4.5 million visitors in 2015

More than 4.5 million visitors flocked to the capital's zoological attractions in the past year and set a new visitor record for 2015. The zoo and the aquarium welcomed more than 3.3 million visitors (up 2% over 2014), and the animal park was pleased to host 1.2 million visitors, which is 4% more than in 2014.

With 25,187 animals from 2,142 species, the parent companies Zoologischer Garden Berlin AG and Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde GmbH have established themselves as the zoological institutions with the greatest diversity of species in the world. The Tierpark Berlin counted 6,525 animals from 762 species at the end of the year, while the zoo and the aquarium were home to 18,662 animals from 1,380 species. Nevertheless, all new offspring, especially animals that need a lot of space in the Zoo Berlin, are strictly monitored and the animal care conditions are continually optimised despite the wealth of species. For example, giraffe bulls live together as an all-male herd in the zoo, while the expansive animal park is home to a giraffe breeding group.

“I'm very pleased that Berlin's zoo and aquarium with their unrivalled diversity were able to attract so many tourists in the past year while enthralling the people of Berlin at the same time. We also saw visitor numbers rise again for the Tierpark Berlin, which pleases me greatly. These positive numbers are a wonderful token of appreciation and will motivate us to put even more energy into the coming renovations to the three institutions”, said Tierpark and Zoo director Dr Andreas Knieriem.

Coming Attractions in 2016 for Berlin's Zoo, Aquarium and Animal Park (Tierpark)


Tierpark Berlin
In 2016, a number of measures from the 5-million-euro package will bear fruit: By mid-May, the panoramic bear-viewing window will get a modern entrance plaza. The original building components will be overlaid with various wooden elements, ornamental paintings and decorative shutters. A North American landscape for the popular prairie dogs and the tree-climbing porcupines will give the entrance plaza a whole new face.

Furthermore, the open-air theatre will be transformed into a lush forest. Just in time for the summer holidays, the animal park falconers will premiere their own bird-of-prey show

here. The water playground in the former paddling pool will be ready by the time the summer holidays come around and will be a special highlight, particularly for families. At the same time, construction work will begin on the new "fable forest" playground right by the restaurant. The renovation of the Alfred Behm house will also start in 2016.

Zoo Berlin
By the summer of 2016, a new modern entrance at the lion gate will welcome visitors to the zoo with eight ticket offices, a service centre and a shop, as well as a barrier-free turnstile. Starting in the early summer, visitors can look forward to an exotic avian adventure in the World of Birds, the former bird house. The renovation of the predator house is also scheduled to start in 2016. The big cats in particular will have a new home that closely resembles their natural habitat.

Aquarium Berlin
In the Aquarium Berlin, the reptile area is still undergoing renovations – work on the first floor already commenced last year and is expected to be finished by early summer. Sculpted rock vistas and diverse landscapes will provide the reptiles with optimal, near-natural living conditions. The crocodile hall will also be embedded in a naturalistic scenery.