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Welcome to Bearlin!

Pandas touch down to a celebratory welcome.

Meng Meng (3) and Jiao Qing (7) look around with interest. The two pandas are clearly doing fine after their twelve-hour flight from Chengdu – partly thanks to the first-class treatment they received from Lufthansa Cargo, including round-the-clock care from Zoo Berlin vet Dr Andreas Ochs and two accompanying Chengdu keepers. The new Berlin bears also made no complaints during their first medical examination on German soil, carried out by airport vets. The pandas are used to fuss and attention, as in their native country of China the bears have popstar status.

A VIP reception

Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller was at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport cargo centre to welcome the two pandas. “It was my personal wish to come and welcome our new residents,” Müller announced. “We are delighted that Berlin has gained another fantastic attraction with these bears.” China’s ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Shi Mingde, took the opportunity to explain China’s “panda phenomenon”: “In China, pandas are regarded as a national treasure,” he said. “A China without pandas is simply unimaginable. Therefore, the breeding and conservation of these animals is a top priority for us.”

Profiling Berlin’s pandas

An adorable round face and a cute, stubby snout? That’s our Meng Meng! This sweet-tempered female panda, whose name literally means “sweet dream”, was born on 10 July 2013 in Chengdu and weighs approximately 77 kg.

Male panda Jiao Qing, which can be translated as “darling”, was born on 15 July 2010 in Chengdu and weighs a hefty 108 kg. This curious and mischievous chap is relatively active for a panda! As is customary for panda males, he expresses his displeasure very loudly if he ever has to wait a little too long for his bamboo.

Panda-monium in Berlin!

Panda fans will need to wait a little longer before they can get a glimpse of the bears: “The pandas will spend the next few days resting after their long journey and getting accustomed to their new environment,” explains Zoo Director Dr Andreas Knieriem. “From 6 July, zoo visitors will be able to see the bears enjoying their over 5,000 m2 habitat with its mountain landscape features and climbing area,” adds Supervisory Board Chairman Frank Bruckmann

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