Current restrictions

Berlin Zoo will be even more beautiful in the future.

Dear visitors,

We currently have one large construction project going on here at the zoo.

  1. A pride of lions prowls across the savannah landscape, tigers skulk in the undergrowth, and leopards perch on lofty branches. To make this vision a reality at Zoo Berlin, we are carrying out an extensive renovation of our Predator House. Cages will be replaced with habitats that recall the animals’ homes in the wild, giving visitors a whole new experience of our big cats. This fascinating world of feline predators opens at Zoo Berlin in summer 2019!

Unfortunately, keeping the zoo’s facilities up-to-date requires occasional periods of construction. But both the animals and you, the visitors, will benefit in the long-term from the work that is currently underway. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are looking forward to presenting both you and the animals with spacious new enclosures once the work is complete.

Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the most species-rich zoo in the world!

Your Zoo-Team