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We bid farewell to Yohda

Elderly rhinoceros bull dies at Zoo Berlin.

Zoo Berlin is mourning the loss of male Indian rhinoceros Yohda. The elderly rhino began suffering from severe constipation on Saturday, and was tended to by vets all the following day. Despite several hours of treatment, the veterinary team was unable to unblock the bowel obstruction. The keepers and vets did everything they could to help the old bull, but to no avail. Late on Sunday afternoon, Yohda suffered circulatory collapse. As they saw no hope of recovery, with a heavy heart the team decided to put him down.

“Decisions such as these are not easy,” said the Zoo’s head veterinarian Dr Andreas Ochs. “But when we see no chance of recovery and the animal is clearly suffering, the kindest option is to put it peacefully to sleep. Yodha had experienced a great deal of muscle loss over the last few months. In addition, his teeth were severely worn down and he was suffering from cataracts. At almost 31 years of age, Yodha was really quite an elderly gent.” “We are very sad to lose him,” added Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr Andreas Knieriem. “Yodha and female rhino Jhansi from Tierpark Berlin produced two offspring together, making an important contribution to the survival of their species. If we were speaking of a human, we would say he lived a full life.”

Yodha was born on 9 August 1986 at Whipsnade Zoo in England. On 13 October 1997, he moved from his home in Chester Zoo to Zoo Berlin. As there was never much of a spark between Jhansi and Tierpark bull Belur, Jhansi started paying regular visits to her Zoo Berlin sweetheart from 2002 onwards. Jhansi and Yohda’s two sons Jacob (born 2004) and Tarun (born 2010) now live in the Polish cities of Warsaw and Wrocław. The studbook for Indian rhinos, which are classified as “vulnerable” by the IUCN, is managed by Basel Zoo.