New opening date for the Predator House

Quality over quantity

The animal habitats at Zoo Berlin are being successively renovated to ensure they meet modern animal-keeping standards. We aim to create species-appropriate habitats that more closely resemble the inhabitants’ natural environments and provide them with more space. Unfortunately, renovation work on Zoo Berlin’s Predator House encountered unexpected challenges, as the condition of the building turned out to be worse than expected. A complete refurbishment of the concrete was necessary, which led to considerable delays in the construction schedule and has caused the opening date to be postponed. The new-and-improved Predator House is now expected to open in summer 2020.

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09.01.2020Vyom Doshi

I am coming there, mid April, will the Big Cats enclosure open by then?


Are visitors able to access the Nocturnal House during construction? Where will the big cats be relocated? Thanks!