Crumbling concrete

Getting to grips with crumbing concrete

Renovating 40-year-old concrete can be quite a challenge. Especially if it has been exposed to hundreds of litres of water daily, not to mention the corrosive urine of lions, tigers and other big cats. For many years, the tiled cages in the Predator House were blasted with water right up to the ceiling to keep them clean. This had a serious impact on the concrete floors and supports – the very structure of the facility was at risk. That cleaning method also consumed huge quantities of water and ramped up the Zoo’s water bill. Now that the Predator House is undergoing extensive renovation, the damage is gradually being repaired. And of course that’s a costly and time-consuming task.

“Caution! Lions spray urine through the bars”: This legendary sign in the Predator House warned visitors that they might be about to get an unpleasant surprise.

In the future, there will be no bars and tiles. Instead the animals will live in attractive new habitats designed to more closely resemble their natural homes – with panoramic glass fronts, climbing trees, sandy hollows and high rocks. Our water bill will be much nicer to look at, too!

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