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Gerenuks Jess and Joe recently slipped into their own compound almost unnoticed. Rumours were already spreading about the new residents in July in the Antelope House: Since it was there that a stable was cleaned up, fresh hay heaped and a narrow, tall box unloaded.

Is there a gerenuk inside?


When opening the wooden box, firstly a little sniffing nose appeared, followed by two shy beady eyes – and with a jolt, tender Jess jumped into his new home. The gerenuk first took uncertain looks around but then Jess began exploring his stable. Utter silence all around – all keepers were quiet, holding their breath in anticipation. The shy Zoo resident shouldn't be so frightened. And then the time came – we were successful: Jess was soon nibbling away at the hay after a short familiarization tour.


The gerenuks living in their male compound.


The first few weeks in his new home passed peacefully and gerenuk Jess settled down very well. So that life between the giraffes and sitatunga doesn't become too boring for him, Jess has recently got another male of his own species by his side, Joe – or rather in the neighbouring stall. In doing so, the lads can sniff around at their own pace and at a safe distance. You see, gerenuks have to be slowly accustomed to one another. The animals are extremely shy. Joe especially is a little coward and therefore a little patience is needed...


First stroll for gerenuks Jess and Joe


Excitement for Jess and Joe: Despite the rain, today saw the first stroll outdoors to the outside enclosure – sniffing in the fresh air of the Zoo and greeting the guests. Splendid! While Jess got straight on with exploring his new surroundings in wild gallops, the shy Joe didn't dare to really leave his familiar stall for a full 60 minutes. But all of a sudden, his sense of adventure got the better of him and his long legs started teetering out into the sun, his hooves feeling grass for the very first time. Bit by bit Joe gets a little further, nibbling a few leaves carefully while secretly peering over to Jess in the neighbouring stable. When can the two get out exploring without a fence?

The first outing worked so well that both gerenuks are now allowed to take it in turns to wander outside to enjoy the sun.

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