Who’s got the coolest “mo” in the zoo?

Every year in autumn, men around the world grow their facial hair for a good cause. And when that top lip gets unusually stubbly and kisses get scratchy, the women also remember: it’s Movember.

Giving the razors a break

“Movember” is an amalgamation of “moustache” (known as a “mo” in Australia) and “November”. The campaign idea: shave clean at the beginning of November and let your mo grow freely for the next 30 days. 

Getting hairy for a good cause

“Grow a Mo, Save a Bro!” What began as the brainchild of two Australian men has now grown into a charitable foundation dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health that is active in more than 25 countries. The idea is that the moustachioed participants (referred to by the charity as “Mo Bros”) catch people’s attention, motivating them to donate. This month of moustaches provides a great talking point at the office, sport club or a party – particularly if the participants are usually clean-shaven.

Good MOve

To date, more than five million men around the world have generated €542 million in donations through their participation in Movember. But behind the fun campaign is a serious cause: many men die too young and the topic of men’s health can often be neglected. The aim of the Movember movement is to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives. The money raised, therefore, goes primarily towards funding cancer research and projects that promote men’s mental health.

An animal Movember at the zoo

We have taken Movember as an opportunity to find the animals with the best facial hair in the zoo.

Cultivate your own prickles

Which of our animals sports the best facial hair? Vote now and win a prickly prize! Everyone who “likes” one of the photos will be entered into a competition to win a cactus cultivation set – so male and female alike can grow their own prickly companion!

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The movement, launched in Melbourne in 2003, aims to raise awareness for men’s health by encouraging men to grow a moustache for the month of November. Since 2012, the Movember Foundation has also been gaining in prominence in Germany. For more information and to find out how “mo sistas” can also get involved, visit: movember.com

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