Breaking down the cost of Zoo and Tierpark Berlin

“Much too expensive”; “extortionate ticket prices”; “no one can afford that” – every once in a while, these sorts of comments appear in online reviews of Zoo and Tierpark Berlin. Yet other visitors often remark on how surprisingly cheap the tickets are. So which is it?

The oldest and most popular zoo in Germany, with the largest variety of species

Zoo Berlin is the sixth-largest zoo in Germany, while Tierpark Berlin is Europe’s largest animal park. Both facilities therefore rank among the top ten German zoos when it comes to size and species diversity – not to mention popularity, according to numerous review platforms. Naturally, this size and animal variety comes with related costs. But let’s start with the most important fact: admission to similar zoos in the rest of Germany costs up to 70 percent more than Zoo or Tierpark Berlin.

Larger, prettier, cheaper

Berlin’s zoos not only come out on top when viewed alongside other facilities in Germany; in comparison to the zoos in other major European capitals like London, Paris and Vienna, Zoo and Tierpark Berlin contain more species, cover twice as much space, and are considerably cheaper. In the United States, it is usual for visitors to fork out $50 per person for a trip to the zoo.

Berlin’s zoos offer more for much less money

Zoo Berlin and its affiliated Aquarium alone cover 34 hectares of land right in the heart of the city and are home to more than 19,000 animals – including many exotic species with very particular requirements. The cost of maintaining and running such facilities should not be underestimated. To give you an idea of the amount we’re talking, here are a few examples:

Every year, our animals consume 270,000 kg of hay, 24,000 eggs and more than 54,000 kg of apples – and that’s only part of the shopping list! The total wages paid to our zoo keepers, ticket sellers and all other employees amount to more than €12,000,000 per year. 

Home improvements cost money

The vast majority of visitors have responded very positively to improvement works undertaken in recent years at the Zoo, Aquarium and Tierpark. We still have plenty of small-scale and large-scale projects in the pipeline to improve life for our animals and make the facilities even more attractive for our visitors. Of course, all this work costs an awful lot of money, which Zoo Berlin has to provide all by itself.

Footing the bill

Zoologischer Garten Berlin AG is one of the oldest public holding companies in Berlin and relies mainly on ticket sales and donations from sponsors to cover its operating costs. From 1 July, due to the rising cost of energy and other resources as well as a recently introduced wage increase, we had to slightly raise the price of our day tickets by between €0.50 and €1 per person. We are pleased to be able to continue offering discounted admission to families, apprentices, school pupils, etc.

Cost of an annual pass remains the same

All annual passes will remain the same price as before – this means one adult can visit the zoo on 365 days of the year for just €49, and children over four pay only €25 for a year. This would be the cost of a regular day ticket at many similar zoos around the world! These prices make them the cheapest annual passes in Germany.

A fun and fascinating day out for all

From the cinema to indoor play areas and wax museums, tickets for most Berlin leisure facilities cost significantly more than for its zoos – despite the fact that those facilities have lower operating costs. Many people forget that Zoo Berlin, unlike many museums and theatres, is not a state-run facility and does not receive regular grants from the city of Berlin. And yet Berlin’s zoos continue to offer a wonderful and affordable day out for everyone.

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